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firefighter in helmet with oxygen mask

Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services offers competitive pay and benefits.


Starting Salary


Education Incentive Pay
  • $1,000 Associates Degree
  • $2,000 Bachelors Degree
  • $3,000 Masters Degree
Lateral Firefighters

Lateral firefighters will receive credit for years of service.

Specialty Incentive

Paramedic and Specialty Unit (Technical Rescue, HazMat, Med Ops) pay incentive available.

Sign-on Incentive
  • $8,000 sign-on incentive for qualified lateral firefighters, EMTs and paramedics
  • $4,000 sign-on incentive for non-lateral hires


Eligible for health and dental coverage, retirement plan, life insurance, long term disability insurance, and deferred compensation.

Additional Benefits Available to Firefighters
  • State of Georgia Firefighters' Pension Fund
  • Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services Death Benefit Fund
  • Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services Flower Fund
  • Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services Benevolent Fund


Paid Vacation Leave
  • 13 days per year / 1 year of service
  • 15 days per year / 5 years of service 
  • 20 days per year / 10 years of service
  • 22 days per year / 15 years of service
  • 25 days per year / 20 years of service

11 paid holidays per year

Paid Sick Leave

Accumulates at 4.0 hours per biweekly

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Employees are eligible for 6 weeks paid leave.

Paid Military Leave

Up to 18 days per year

Bereavement Leave Policy

Full time employees will receive up to [3] days of bereavement leave with pay for [24] hours. Employees working in part time positions shall be eligible for bereavement leave equal to [3] part time days off with pay.